Oct 21

Lead Generation Techniques to Boost Your Sales

In a world that has become quite small with technology and the internet, it is now easier than ever to not only start a business, but also grow it. The resources and tools at your disposal in this day and age are unmatched, and this is why you hear about new startups and businesses coming to life almost every day. Still, it all comes down to one thing; generating leads to get more sales and in turn, make money. It might sound simple, but it is not easy and it will take a lot of hard work. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at some lead generation techniques to boost your sales. 

Knowing your audience

You can’t possibly hope to generate leads if you’re randomly targeting people. The first step to getting more customers is knowing who it is you want in the first place. That way, you can create strategies and targeted approaches to cater to certain demographics––those that you know would be interested, and wouldn’t dismiss your product or service. You need to know where your target audience lives, what they do for a living, what they search for online, their lifestyle choices, and their preferences. Fortunately, courtesy of data analytics and the huge amount of information you can get online from Google, Facebook, and other platforms, you can now have access to such data and tailor your approach based on that. 

Encouraging referrals

True, we live in the age of the internet and people basically look for everything online, but word of mouth never gets old, and it will always remain a powerful lead generation technique. You need to encourage your customers to refer your products/services to their friends and family. The best approach to ensuring that happens is to maintain a certain level of quality; you want these people to refer you to their acquaintances, and the only way that will ever happen is if you provide them with excellent products or services. You can give people some extra incentive, though. Some businesses offer their customers some discounts on their next purchase if they refer someone, and others include a family/friend coupon with discounts as well if they make a purchase.

Social media marketing

Like it or not, you are going to have to capitalize on the power of social media, like every other business in the world right now. Billions of people have social media accounts and spend a lot of time on each platform every day, and this is why you have to try and reach them there. Create Facebook campaigns, that will help you reach bigger and better audiences, by offering people’ quality content so they’d feel like sharing. You have different ways to reach people on such a platform, like Facebook ads that help you reach exactly the kind of people you want. More importantly, you get to show people the true colors of your brand on social media outlets. So, create engaging content for them to interact with, from videos and images to articles and any other means you can utilize. The best thing about using these outlets is the fact that they give audiences a rare opportunity to interact with the brand they like by liking, commenting, and even asking questions, so take advantage of that. 

Digital marketing

When was the last time you saw an actual business that didn’t have a website of its own? Chances are it has been a while, because every company out there now understands the importance of having a powerful digital marketing strategy, which starts with creating your website. Social media is important and everything, but studies show that over 75 percent of people look for the things they want through search engines. In other words, if a person wants to buy a product or find a service, they will open Google and search for it. This is why you have to make sure your website is optimized in terms of content quality, loading speed, ease of navigation, keyword placement, and a host of other factors. 

Digital marketing is how businesses ensure they rank higher on search engines, which guarantees lead generation and in turn, boosts your sales. Almost 90 percent of people don’t go beyond the first page of a Google search, which means you really need to be on that first page if you want to start generating leads. This is why a lot of businesses out there are allocating chunks out of their budgets to hire the best digital marketers out there; the payoff will be much bigger than the cost. 

Email marketing

While email marketing is one of the digital marketing techniques, it is one often neglected by many businesses, despite its immense influence. It allows you to specifically target the people you want, giving them particular services and products that you know they’ll be looking for. It’s one of the best lead generation techniques out there, because, above all, it’s personal. A person wants to open an email with a list of products they usually look for online, and if you carefully choose your emails, you can win them over as a customer. There’s a very thin line between email marketing and spam, though; be very careful not to cross that line so that you wouldn’t lose leads. 

Using different approaches

Digital and social media marketing are very well-known approaches to generating leads, and they are very efficient. Yet there are other, lesser-known approaches that can also get you some leads, and they don’t cost any expenses on your end. For example, free webinars are something that a lot of people are interested in, and it gives them the chance to interact with your brand in a lively manner. The same can be said of Twitter chats or Google Hangouts, which are successfully implementing methods by a lot of the bigger companies out there.

There are dozens of different techniques to generate leads and boost your sales. The key is in diversity. Yes, some means are more efficient than others, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to only a few. Always remember to mix things up, and in the end, you’ll get even better results. 

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Oct 20

Video Marketing – The Powerful Way to Boost Your Online Presence

Airtract LogoNowadays, Video Marketing has become the most powerful way to reach audiences. It has quickly transformed the demand of customers. The increased use of Video Marketing has also affected how businesses reach their consumers and pitch their products. Research has shown that Video Marketing is much more convincing than any other Marketing type. It can target approx 81% of the customers reach once. From a business point of view, Video Marketing is more comfortable to create and work on. And seeing today’s tremendous increase in technological use, people are tilting more towards the web and content search. Tablet and mobile phones have become more common for regular searches.

Digital Technology is all that is required for Marketing nowadays. It is much cheaper than any other technological medium. Video Marketing creates a platform for businesses and product seekers to interact with content. It is much easier to create content, and it saves time too. Video marketing is an excellent investment. It is one of those online materials that provide flexibility and value to the consumers. It goes with their on-the-go lifestyle trends.

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Let’s dig into some statistical calculations to understand the fame of Video Marketing:

  • 80% of internet traffic is being projected by Video Marketing.
  • It can boost click-through rates by 200-300 %.
  • It has been claimed that the product videos can enhance the decision-making capacity of customers by 90% as ‘what you see directly affects the mind.’
  • Since mobile video consumption has been increasing by 100% every year, and it is ultimately benefiting the companies to target the group of customers.
  • One-by-three of everyone spends time watching online videos.
  • Almost 59% of the company decision-makers have voted for Video Marketing rather than advertising via articles or blogs.
  • Out of all the online video content, 35% account for Video ads and Marketing.

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Here are a few points that you need to know about Video Marketing to understand how it can boost your online business:

1. A Strong and Powerful Marketing Tool

Video advertising is the in-demand form of Marketing. It stands out as one of the most potent advertising ways to reach the target population. As per the Digital Marketing expert James McQuivey, Video content in every single minute is equivalent to 1.8 million words. Video content on landing pages can increase the conversion rate by 80%. It paves the way for global reach. For example, YouTube is the second largest online platform in the world. It has attracted many potential buyers making a variety of content. Being it any educational, business, or product review, one can quickly enter into space by ‘How to search’ option.

2. The Best Way to Promote Your Brand

People often remember what they see as a part of the video. The visual and auditory features of the video make it easier for customers to remember rather than the text form. The best part is when customers watch the advertising videos and remember the content and the brand as well. This means to have more opportunities to stand on the customer’s values. The customers also like to share the content they watch, which is another way to stand out from the huge online population.

However, for making your advertising videos as memorable as possible, one needs to be sure that the content line-up with the brand strategy. Videos help in recognizing the style or the format of the brand. It appeals to the users more effectively as compared to what the blogs or content can’t do.

3. Video Marketing Can Boost Your Site’s SEO

It has been estimated that 65% of the decision-makers reach the website after viewing the Video content. Thus, it can drastically increase the SEO by driving people more towards your website. By adding videos to the home page or the landing page of your website, one can improve the click-through rates across the board. The same is for the increase in conversion rates. Because as per HubSpot, 39% of business decision-makers reach your website after viewing the branded video.

4. Easy to Access From All the Devices

One of the most responsive ways to design a website is making it easily accessible. And when the company’s profile doesn’t work well on all the devices, it leaves behind the targeted traffic while degrading the website’s SEO. The content must fit all the devices with the expandable reach or the type of medium being used to upload the content, i.e., mobile phones or computers. It helps the content to reach a vast number of consumers with user-friendly facilities.

5.  Video Content Goes Viral Than Any Other Simple Blog/Article

Today, people are more interested in sharing the things of what they read or watch. Almost 92% of people share the Video content to their social sites. This further adds to the increase in the rate of reaching the customers. Videos are estimated to be shared more than both the texts and the links. Video content is thus the most powerful tool to enjoy the wider online reach or target audiences. Furthermore, it depends on the quality of the video and the message it wants to convey. It, therefore, can promote customer recall and can make the brand to reach the top.

A product can be a simple or complex one. The audience must understand your product before making any final purchasing.

A video will help you in making that connection with your audience. A video must come with a compelling story that can make people feel good about sharing with their social platforms. It must reach the heart of your audiences. It should be equipped with the type of content that can help you positively approach people. Reliable video content helps the brand to create an emotion-driven sale that directly hits the personnel of the purchasers or the viewers. Video marketing creates a real impact on customers. Video Marketing must promote the type of content that should be presentable enough to make the buyers feel good about purchasing that particular product.

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Oct 19

5 Ways to Maximize Your Marketing Online

The explosive of growth of social media platforms, coupled with the ease of use of today’s technology, creates a terrific opportunity for home medical equipment companies (HME) to market their products and services at very low cost. It also allows for a broad reach into target markets and new customers. In the past, to market online effectively meant hiring a plethora of unintegrated technology companies to assist you. For example, to optimize your visibility on the internet, you would use an internet marketing company to help with keyword research and creating ad campaigns, then optimizing them for both the Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising platforms. You may also have required the services of a social media marketing expert and a public relations company to get your messages out for maximum impact.

Here are five ways that you can use today’s people-based technology to market your products and services to increase your customer base and revenue.

1. Migrate your website to WordPress.

There are many business reasons for doing so. Once built, you can optimize WordPress sites for search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing by using plugins, many of which are free. Search engine optimization (SEO) plugins will help you create unique page titles and use focused keywords to get your site indexed on search engines. Once you deploy this approach, you may find that you can reduce or even eliminate pay-per-click ad spending, since SEO optimization enables better ranking on search engines. A WordPress-based site also allows you to create your own landing pages without assistance. What does this mean exactly? It means that your customers can find your site quickly without a large online ad spend. It also eliminates the need for a company to manage the ads for you. This approach alone could save thousands of dollars a month and increase revenue.

2. Use list-based marketing.

For roughly $100 per month, you can use an online list-based marketing service to create customer prospect lists and campaigns. Many of these services charge a nominal fee for up to 10,000 managed contacts that you control. There are also marketing companies that create and send email blasts for you, if you prefer. Many of these companies are also list providers, which means that they can target specific customers. For example, if your HME company wants to target orthopedic and neurology practices with five physicians or more in California and Arizona, you can do that with list-based marketing. You can also build your own lists of customer prospects.

3. Offer free and helpful advice to your customers.

This approach can take many routes. For example, you can place a “free white paper” link on a page on your website and point customers to that page when you run ads. This page might provide useful tips about how to use your products. For example, a CPAP/BiBAP distributor could offer a free white paper about how to ensure the proper fit of CPAP masks. When a customer clicks on the link to the free white paper, you would then display a short form for them to complete similar to the one pictured here.

Data capture form

Another benefit of having a website built in WordPress is that you can quickly design forms to capture the information that is most relevant to you.

You can also write articles and publish them on your own website or in industry journals. Establishing yourself and your company as authorities in your area of concentration lends immediate credibility and establishes interest in your business.

4. Leverage social media.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are ubiquitous. Every time you write an article, publish a white paper, offer free advice, etc., you can use these platforms to get the word out. It is important to determine if you are B2B (a business selling to other businesses), B2C (a business selling to consumers) or both. This will help you properly target your customers and determine the best social media platforms to do so. For example, if you are selling an orthopedic boot that is an alternative to diabetic foot ulcer surgeries, it may be helpful to do B2B marketing to orthopedists and B2C to customers seeking solutions for diabetic foot ulcers. Joining targeted orthopedic groups on LinkedIn and using Facebook ads may be helpful in this scenario. Once you belong to relevant LinkedIn groups, you can post information and participate in group discussions. Some LinkedIn groups have 10,000-plus members; as a result, for no cost, you now have a potential marketing reach to thousands of customers by simply deploying the proper combination of social media platforms.

5. Create webinars targeted to your customers.

This is a technique that makes use of several of the approaches described above. Choose a topic of general interest to your target market, such as “What can a homecare professional do to assist me to live a fuller and happier life?” Next, advertise the webinar to assisted living facilities and to individuals over a certain age in specific locations using the B2B, B2C and list-based marketing approaches described above.

Create an attractive landing page on your website for these customers to register for the session. Use social media to advertise the webinar. Lastly, deliver the webinar and follow up with the customers who registered to determine how you can assist them further.

You can manage the marketing efforts that are key to attracting your customers. In the past, it might have been cost prohibitive or technically difficult to take this on yourself. Today, there is little cost, other than labor, to do so, and the technology is often manageable for business owners and personnel to handle on their own.

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Oct 18

How to Find Your Perfect Online Marketing Company

Online marketing companies are facing fierce competition these days due to the apparent surge in the number of digital firms sprouting every day into the market, in a robust manner. Likewise, choosing a company has become difficult for the client as well. It has not been long since Online Marketing (OM) became a buzzword in the realms of e-marketing. However, it will be judicious to understand the term first.

What is Online Marketing

The word itself is a clear manifestation of its meaning. By online marketing, we mean to advertise, market, or promote one’s product or service over the internet. It aims primarily at attracting large audiences and delivering messages worldwide.

Modes of Online Marketing

We use several methods for Online Marketing these days. These encompass marketing done via wireless media, electronic mail, and on the internet. OM is an amalgamation of numerous creative and technical aspects of the internet, such as advertising, sales, design, and development. These attributes give OM an edge over traditional marketing.

Fundamental Considerations

If you are in quest of an online marketing company, there are a few principal points that need consideration. The same formula might apply to firms of other areas as well.

Intensive Research

Undertake painstaking research to locate the best rated online marketing firms that are getting high response from their customers.

Look At the Portfolio

It is of utmost importance to have a comprehensive look at the portfolio of the firm since that alone can help you in giving the fate of your product in their hands.

Post Selection

As you select your OM company, you need to make them understand entirely about your product and your requirements. Without ample knowledge and proper study of your product or service, the company will not be in a position to facilitate you.

In many cases, customers do not have a real understanding of the target audience; instead, the marketing company leads them toward their target audience.

How To Gauge Your Company?

A professional Online Marketing company should be offering the following services;

Google Adwords

Your company should not be new to Google Adwords. It preferably should have a reputation for being an experienced consultant in this regard. It will land you on top of Google, and in just no time, drive targeted customers. Try PPC Pro for guaranteed results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Surprisingly, many companies offering services to online businesses do not provide SEO simply because they do not know precisely how to do it. Make sure the company you are opting for is well versed in SEO. A professional SEO firm has a team of experts that deals with SEO techniques in an ethical but technical way, so that your product remains at the top of searches.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

With the invasion of social media, it has become incumbent upon Online Marketing companies to use it as a platform for gaining website traffic. It is also one of the least expensive modes of advertisement and marketing.

Competition Analysis

With high competition in the digital world, your preferred Online Marketing firm should be well versed in analyzing the online game. It should exhaust its skills and experiences in highlighting your products and services.

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Oct 17

Canva, now valued at $3.2 billion, launches an enterprise product

Canva, the Australian-based design tool maker, has today announced that it has raised an additional $85 million to bring its valuation to $3.2 billion, up from $2.5 billion in May.

Investors in the company include Mary Meeker’s Bond, General Catalyst, Bessemer Venture Partners, Blackbird and Sequoia China.

Alongside the new funding and valuation, Canva is also making its foray into enterprise with the launch of Canva for Enterprise.

Thus far, Canva has offered users a lightweight tool set for creating marketing and sales decks, social media materials and other design products mostly unrelated to product design. The idea here is that, outside of product designers, the rest of the organization is often left behind with regards to keeping brand parity in the materials they use.

Canva is available for free for individual users, but the company has addressed the growing need within professional organizations to keep brand parity through Canva Pro, a premium version of the product available for $12.95/month.

The company is now extending service to organizations with the launch of Canva for Enterprise. The new product will not only offer a brand kit (Canva’s parlance for Design System), but will also offer marketing and sales templates, locked approval-based workflows and even hide Canva’s massive design library within the organization so employees only have access to their approved brand assets, fonts, colors, etc.

Canva for Enterprise also adds another layer of organization, allowing collaboration across comments, a dashboard to manage teams and assign roles, and team folders.

“We’re in a fortunate place because the market has been disaggregated,” said Canva CEO and founder Melanie Perkins. “The way we think about the pain point consumers have is that people are being inconsistent with the brand, and there are huge inefficiencies within the organization, which is why people have been literally asking us to build this exact product.”

More than 20 million users sign in to Canva each month across 190 countries, with 85% of Fortune 500 companies using the product, according to the company.

Perkins says the ultimate goal is to have every person in the world with access to the internet and a design need to be on the platform.

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Oct 16

Exclusive Research Report to Uncover Key Factors of Digital Marketing Courses Market 2019-2025 with Top Key Players like Google, Adobe, Oracle, Datorama, SAP, SAS, AT Internet

Marketing your product or service via digital mediums(cell phone, smart phones, laptops, PCs etc) is Digital Marketing. It includes Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Clicks, Content Marketing, Blogs and a lot more. Digital Marketing is totally a new world of marketing your product. It increases brand visibility among people’s and increases the reach of people’s, worldwide for your product or services. Digital Marketing Courses market is a report that has been recently added to the abundant repository of QYReports. The prolific study offers a clear understanding of various business aspects of the Digital Marketing Courses market. The research amasses data using primary and secondary research techniques. These exhaustive methods extract and analyze accurate data of various dynamic aspects of the businesses. It covers a range of aspects that inform and define businesses like, historical records, existing scenarios, and future prospects. Additionally, it offers SWOT analysis to study what drives or hinders businesses.

The Digital Marketing Courses Market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of +15% during the forecast period 2019-2025

Forerunners in the industry have been outlined from regions like Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America, Africa, and India. It also offers a panoramic view of the competitive landscape that will aid in differentiating competition at global and national level. To approximate risks and challenges involved, various business models have been presented.

Request a pdf copy of this report at https://www.qyreports.com/request-sample/?report-id=101066

Key Strategic Manufacturers are Google, Adobe, Oracle, Datorama, SAP, SAS, AT Internet, IBM, Optimove, Thunderhead, AgilOne, ClickFox, Tinyclues, FICO, Pitney Bowes, Origami Logic

The report is rich with illustrations like infographics, chart, tables, and pictures to generate a strong footing for detailed analysis of recent trends and technological advancements in the    Digital Marketing Courses market. Additionally, it offers region wise productivity along with their clear details. It also offers facts of market shares which has been held by several    Digital Marketing Courses market industries. Different effective market channels and business strategies have been explained in detail to articulate the best strategies readers at the reader’s disposal.

Facts and figures have been presented using effective graphical presentation techniques such as, graphs, charts, diagrams and tables. In addition to this, it throws light on historical developments and upcoming innovations to understand the difference between existing and upcoming Digital Marketing Courses strategies.

Researchers of the report throw light on economic factors that affect the progress of the market. A comparative analysis of regional players has been included in the research report. It includes some online and offline activities suggestions for branding the businesses strategized by out team of expert analysts.

Avail 40% Discount on this report at https://www.qyreports.com/ask-for-discount/?report-id=101066

The report provides insights on the following pointers:

Market Penetration: Comprehensive information on the product portfolios of the top players in the Digital Marketing Courses market.

Product Development/Innovation: Detailed insights on the upcoming technologies, RD activities, and product launches in the market

Competitive Assessment: In-depth assessment of the market strategies, geographic and business segments of the leading players in the market

Market Development: Comprehensive information about emerging markets. This report analyzes the market for various segments across geographies

Market Diversification: Exhaustive information about new products, untapped geographies, recent developments, and investments in the Digital Marketing Courses market

Inquire Before Buying:


Table of Contents

Global Digital Marketing Courses Market Research Report

Chapter 1 Digital Marketing Courses Market Overview

Chapter 2 Global Economic Impact on Industry

Chapter 3 Global Market Competition by Manufacturers

Chapter 4 Global Production, Revenue (Value) by Region

Chapter 5 Global Supply (Production), Consumption, Export, Import by Regions

Chapter 6 Global Production, Revenue (Value), Price Trend by Type

Chapter 7 Global Market Analysis by Application

Chapter 8 Manufacturing Cost Analysis

Chapter 9 Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Downstream Buyers

Chapter 10 Marketing Strategy Analysis, Distributors/Traders

Chapter 11 Market Effect Factors Analysis

Chapter 12 Global Market Forecast

About Us
We at, QYReports, a leading market research report published accommodate more than 4,000 celebrated clients worldwide putting them at advantage in today’s competitive world with our understanding of research. Our list of customers includes prestigious Chinese companies, multinational companies, SME’s and private equity firms whom we have helped grow and sustain with our fact-based research. Our business study covers a market size of over 30 industries offering unfailing insights into the analysis to reimagine your business. We specialize in forecasts needed for investing in a new project, to revolutionize your business, to become more customer centric and improve the quality of output.

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Oct 15

Key Elements of a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Many business professionals think that a digital marketing strategy is a no-brainer. However, it’s surprising how many SMBs turn to marketing professionals and pay for a digital campaign without even a thought to what they’re trying to accomplish.

Yes, the answer is sales. Businesses pursue digital marketing to accomplish sales. And you’re right, that is a goal. However, there are so many more goals out there that digital marketing can accomplish to help you acquire sales.  

The rise of technology has opened the door to make marketing strategies more effective but the competition for sales fiercer. Digital marketing is so much more than getting your brand seen – it has changed the marketing landscape to show why your brand matters. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a solid digital marketing strategy to make your business’s digital marketing truly show a return on investment.

What does a digital marketing strategy look like?

A digital marketing strategy is a game plan to execute and measure your online marketing efforts. It goes beyond creating copy and a target audience. It’s how you’ll capture the right target audience, how you’ll hold their hand along the way throughout their customer journey, and how you’ll measure the results.

These are some of the key components you should think about when creating a digital marketing strategy:

  • How you’ll stand out from your competitors
  • How you’ll convert online traffic to sales
  • Where your target audience is spending time on the web
  • What your current digital marketing foundation looks like
  • How you’ll measure your results

These elements are often overlooked in digital marketing strategies, but they can make or break your return on investment.  

Check your digital marketing foundation.

Before even considering implementing a paid digital marketing strategy, take a look at your SMB’s current digital marketing foundation. Your foundation is your website, SEO, Google My Business page, social media channels, and other free tools and programs that you use to form an online presence. Make sure these tools and platforms are up to date, accurate, working appropriately and indexed properly.

Double-check that your Google My Business page has accurate information and showcases the pictures you want to represent your company, that your social media pages are being consistently updated, and that your website is being indexed by Google’s search engine, operating smoothly, loading at a decent speed and formatted to current technology standards.

This is important because these foundational elements will be the backbone of your paid efforts’ success. For example, if you participate in a social media advertisement but your website loads slowly or isn’t formatted for mobile devices, then you’re going to turn away a lot of potential site visitors. According to 2018 research by Google, 53% of mobile users leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. It doesn’t make sense to be paying money on an advertisement if over half of your engagement is leaving before the site even loads.

Measure your return on investment.

It’s interesting how many businesses launch a digital marketing strategy with very little concept of how they’re going to measure the results or even what they’re looking for. If this is you, pay attention closely. Digital marketing isn’t a linear sales process. The sales cycle for digital marketing, depending on the product or service, can be anywhere from instant to over a month, and even longer if you’re in the B2B industry. People like to check their options before committing to a purchase. It’s not likely that they’ll complete a transaction the first time they see or click on your advertisement.

So how do you measure results on that? The answer is looking at your data and going beyond vanity metrics.

You can see your digital marketing strategy generating data every day. This data tells you how well you’re completing your goals. However, don’t confuse vanity metrics with the data that really matters. You should always set up conversion tracking with any type of digital marketing campaign, because this will show you how many website visitors are completing the correct transactions to make you money. This isn’t all, though; there are so many more data points that can help you gauge your return on investment outside of transaction conversions.


Editor’s note: Looking for an online marketing service for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you with free information.


Clicks are not an effective measurement of ROI.

Different marketing strategies can offer different results and contribute to a different type of return on investment. Please take note that clicks are usually not an effective way of measuring results. Remember the mobile site loading speed example in the section prior? Let’s say that your social media advertisement to a slow site received 100 clicks. If 53% of those clicks didn’t even follow through to your actual website, that means only 47% of those clicks actually made it to your site as a legitimate website visitor. Then it’s what they do on your website that matters, not just how many people showed up.

The only time when clicks are an effective way of measuring digital marketing success is possibly during an A/B test, in which you’re trying to figure out which ad your target audience is more attracted to. Number of clicks was a defining metric in return on investment a few years ago, but now, there is so much more data and information available to show you where your money is going.

What metrics do work for measuring ROI?

Different strategies have different indicators of success. Here are some tactics that will help you understand your return on investment for an SEO strategy:

  • Measure your organic website traffic on Google Analytics.
  • Find your search engine ranking and placement with Google Search Console. 
  • Track your conversions in Google Analytics to measure your sales from organic search.

You can use these metrics to judge your return on investment for a search engine marketing and/or social media strategy:

  • Measure your paid website traffic on Google Analytics to see how many ad clicks are actually turning into legitimate website traffic.
  • Track your conversions in Google Analytics or Google Ads to see how many of these website visitors are taking valuable actions.  
  • Look at your number of impressions and session rates to measure brand awareness.
  • Find your bounce rate and session durations on Google Analytics to see how much of your ad traffic is actually interested in your product or service.

As technology grows, so do the insights we have to verify that our digital marketing strategies are effective. A strong digital marketing foundation should be your first priority; make sure you have one before paying for any advertising. When your foundation is strong, then a paid digital marketing strategy may be able to boost your sales. [Ready to choose an internet marketing service? Check out our best picks and reviews.]

When you launch a paid campaign, though, it’s important to measure your results accurately based on your goals. If you take away anything from this article, please let it be how to go beyond vanity metrics and measure the right data to meet your goals and get your money’s worth from digital marketing.  

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Oct 14

Internet Marketing Firm, fishbat, Discusses The Benefits Of Drip Campaigns For Retail Chains

PATCHOGUE, N.Y., Oct. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — To help companies reach their target audiences and maintain sales in the digital sphere, Internet marketing firm, fishbat, discusses the benefits of drip campaigns for retail chains.


Drip marketing is a type of promotional strategy that involves a steady dissemination of content. Essentially, with messages that are sent to prospects over time, clients will be inundated with content that’s relevant to their interests. This is one of the best ways for retail chains to reach their audiences, gauging their interest in products and services. Here are a few benefits that retail chains can earn because of drip campaigns.

One of the benefits of drip campaigns is the ability to showcase content. When it comes to digital marketing, content is a vital pillar, since it not only catches a user’s attention but sustains it over time. However, the content in question must be applicable to what users are interested in. Interests can range from food to travel to technology, but the content in question should provide value. It’s this level of value that is part and parcel to drip campaigns.

Drip campaigns can also transform average users to leads. A misconception about leads is that they always result in sales. The truth is that sales aren’t immediate, or even guaranteed, which is why it’s important to nurture said leads. This is where drip campaigns come in, as they continually keep brands, as well as their products and services, at the forefront. Leads will remain informed, thereby increasing the likelihood of sales, but they must be fostered.

Another benefit that drip campaigns offer is that they can reengage previous customers. Though a customer may log onto a website in order to buy a product, they may not revisit. A drip campaign can be used to send emails reminding them of their prior business, showcasing products that have been added since their last visit. This is a common example of a drip campaign at work, reconnecting with previous buyers to promote future sales.

It is also worth noting that drip campaigns can be versatile. Any SEO company NYC will attest to the fact that drip campaigns can be broken down by different audiences, which makes targeting more effective. For example, if there is a sizable number of buyers that live in a certain city or state, a list containing said individuals can be compiled. In theory, this helps with targeting, as the right audience will be inundated with certain types of content. Retail chains would be wise to experiment with different drip campaigns to measure effectiveness.

About fishbat: fishbat is a full-service digital marketing firm that takes a holistic business approach to their clients’ digital marketing programs. The fishbat team understands the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. fishbat offers every digital marketing service available from digital marketing research and planning to brand development to website and asset creation through social media management and search engine optimization programs – all custom calibrated for both B2B and B2C businesses.


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