Oct 24

How Your Online T-shirt Business Can Benefit From Co-Marketing

How Your Online T shirt Business Can Benefit From Co Marketing image shutterstock 188163965 Converted 01 300x300.pngYou believe you have a talent and an eye for making appealing t-shirts, and could find some success selling them, which has led you to launch a website to do just that.

Now what? You’re a t-shirt designer, not a master marketer. How do you go from operating an online store in the desolate, barren wastelands of the Internet, where not a soul stirs (or shops for t-shirts), to one that has a prime corner location in the Internet’s Mall of America?

You might have a few general ideas jotted down on your pad of ideas, things like “e-mail campaigns” and “be active on social media” and “write amazing blogs that are so engaging they generate endless likes, shares, favorites, re-tweets and pluses”; to which we must say: don’t get too carried away.

Those are undoubtedly great marketing tools, but they come with one all-important caveat: they require existing audiences to build and grow from. We’re going to assume this is something you are decidedly lacking in. As Richard Lazazzera states in his article for Shopify on How to Start an Online T-shirt business, the tools of the trade today make designing, printing and shipping T-shirts simpler and cheaper than ever before. Building a brand that stands out from the pack is the real challenge.

So how do you build an audience from nothing, short of spending money on more aggressive forms of marketing? Let’s take a look now at your best option, which is co-marketing.

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Two Markets Are Better Than One (Most Times at Least)

You may have some idea of what co-marketing is from the name. At its core, you’re joining forces with other businesses, sharing resources and tools and jointly reaching out to potential customers. There have been several notable examples of major successes achieved through co-marketing.

The process first starts by identifying ideal partners to co-market with; partners that are complementary, but not direct competitors. Do you want to risk your competitor indirectly stealing any of your business away? Here’s the Breakdown for Dummies version:

  • Allying with other clothing companies and T-shirt purveyors that don’t sell the same style of product as you = good.
  • Allying with T-shirt producers selling the same product = bad. If you’re selling, say, Star Wars T-shirt designs, you wouldn’t want to partner with a brand also selling Star Wars tees.

The goal with your new co-marketing partner(s) is to create cross-promotional campaigns that reach a broader audience because of your collective participation. The fruits of your promotions reach a much larger and more diverse audience than simply going solo. That’s because you’re not only reaching people looking for shirts, you’re reaching people also looking for whatever it is the company you’ve aligned with sells.

Let’s say you team up with a company selling a product that removes stains from clothing. You promote their product on your website and alongside your other marketing efforts, while they do the same for you. You could even launch a joint campaign or offer something together, such as where buying from one grants you a discount when making a purchase through the other. There are numerous benefits to such partnerships and promotions. These include:

  • Access to More Customers ~ You essentially have customers fall into your lap, as they’re compelled by other forces to visit your store and check out your products.
  • Instant Credibility ~ In the eyes of the people who trust the brand you’ve teamed up with, you’ve now become instantly desirable in their eyes as another brand they can trust. This can provide you with partial customers (in a good way) without even having to really earn their partiality.
  • Much Larger Customer Base for Other Campaigns ~ Along with the greater influx of customers from co-marketing, your other marketing efforts (like those mind-melting blog posts) now become significantly more valuable, and have much greater potential to see larger returns in and of themselves.

Begin with a list of potential companies or industries you feel would make good partners for your T-shirt business, possibly based on the style or audience for your shirts and begin to reach out to them in an effort to find good co-marketing opportunities. It could be your one-way ticket out of that Internet apocalyptic wasteland you currently call home.

But how do you find a co-marketing partner, and how do you facilitate your interactions with this partner? By using BoostSuite’s services to make the connection and grow your online audience, you’ll be placing your brand on the path to wide recognition.

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This article originally appeared on BoostSuite Blog and has been republished with permission.

Find out how to syndicate your content with Business 2 Community.

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Oct 23

John Sculley on His New Book, ‘Moonshot’

My interview with the legendary former CEO of Pepsi and Apple, entrepreneur and mentor, John Sculley, on the occasion of the publication of his just published book Moonshot! Game-Changing Strategies To Build Billion-Dollar Business….

Bruce Rogers: Tell us why you’ve chosen this moment to publish another book?

John Sculley: I have been lucky enough to have been in a lot of interesting places at a lot of different times and to work with some really talented people. I had never intended to write another book again, I wrote one years ago (Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple : A Journey of Adventure, Ideas, and the Future). We sold about half a million copies.  My brother came to me, and he said, “John, you’re working on so many interesting things.  Why don’t you write a book?”  And I said, “No, I don’t write trophy books just to flatter myself. I’ve got more interesting things in my life to do than do that.” But I started to think about it and it became pretty clear to me that business schools do a great job of teaching students how to think like a CEO of running a big company.  And there are plenty of books on management along the same lines.  The challenge today is that managers need to think more like entrepreneurs. I don’t do management. I’m a builder. And that’s what entrepreneurs do.

John Sculleys New Book Moonshot

John Sculley”s New Book “Moonshot”

Think about the large number of really successful entrepreneurs today who never went to business school. I was an okay manager, but what I was really good at was building businesses. So I decided that I might have something interesting to say and  share my experiences on how to build transformative businesses. We get between 50 and 150 unsolicited questions a day over LinkedIn from entrepreneurs around the world seeking advice. And I feel terrible that I just don’t have the time to answer them all, so the book was written with this audience in mind. The book is only part of the story. We also have a ten hour video learning series for entrepreneurs as well. My “Building a Transformative Business” videos are available on-demand at johnsculley.com.

Bruce Rogers: What’s the concept behind the book title Moonshot?

John Sculley:  Moonshot is a well-known term in Silicon Valley for moments where something really big happens that everything that occurs after it is going to be different. When Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created the first useful personal computer, the Apple II–that was a moonshot. When Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web, the internet suddenly became available to the rest of us.  That was a moonshot.

Bruce Rogers: Do you know you’re working on a moonshot or is it a moonshot in retrospect?

John Sculley: I don’t think you really know until it happens. When Google reinvented search and advertising, that was a moonshot.  When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, that was a moonshot. What’s interesting now, to me, is that it’s not one genius who is doing it. There are a whole bunch of companies doing it, enabled by technology. Cloud computing is just exploding which didn’t even exist eight or nine years ago.

It really dawned on me that this exponential growth of big data, cloud computing, mobile devices, and ultimately the internet of things is creating a market power shift from traditional producers who are in control of businesses to customers. Big data is making customers smarter and customers, now, are paying more attention to what other customers have to say.

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Oct 22

Internet of Things: which things really should phone home?

There has been no end to discussion about the budding relationship between IT and marketing chiefs. Certainly, marketing executives have been involved in a lot of their own technology initiatives in recent years, and IT executives need to support them.

But the CIO-CMO nexus may eventually pale in comparison to another alliance (or competition) soon to emerge within organizations: IT executives and product VPs.  It’s all being driven by the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), in which software and sensors are becoming part of many products now going out the door.

The IoT,of course, means many things to many people. But to IT leaders and professionals, it means getting more involved than ever before with the product development side of the house. More products — and not just refrigerators and automobiles — are being shipped with software and sensors embedded within them, requiring that IT departments be able to monitor and evaluate potentially every product that goes out the door, long after its been in customers’ hands.

Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann write about these considerations in a recent Harvard Business Review article, noting that before embracing the Internet of Things (IoT), there are a lot of things an enterprise needs to consider — here are some of them:

Pick the products that really can help the business benefit from smart, connected capabilities. There’s a risk of overdoing it, attempting to capture data from everything, Porter and Heppelmann warn. “Companies may be tempted to add as many new features as possible, especially given the often low marginal cost of adding more sensors and new software applications, and the largely fixed costs of the product cloud and other infrastructure.” However, it’s best to be selective and strategic in picking out the connections that make sense for the business. Likewise, the authors add, it’s important to remember that adding connectivity or monitoring software to products creates overhead, and possibly cut into their performance. 

Secure the data. Porter and Heppelmann observe that collecting massive streams of data from across the globe means protecting that information, as well as determining who rightfully owns it. If it’s low-level or aggregated data, the security costs may be minimal. But these costs will go up as the value or sensitivity of the data increases.  In addition, data gathering may have legal implications — for example, does it belong to the product owner, or to the manufacturer gathering it? This needs to be hashed out through contractual agreements, they argue.

Monetize the data. Once the ownership and access rights to data are hammered out, the information could potentially be of value to organizations beyond the manufacturer and customer of a connected product. “Data about the performance of a product’s components, for example, could be valuable to suppliers of those components,”  Porter and Heppelmann state. 

Decide whether to build or buy. A home-grown system to monitor and analyze products can be a major challenge to build and manage, Porter and Heppelmann point out. Keep an eye on the IoT market. “Just as Intel has specialized in microprocessors and Oracle in databases, new firms that specialize in components of the smart, connected products technology stack are already emerging, and their technology investments are amortized over many thousands of customers,” they relate. Likewise, enterprises need to determine whether they want to go with an open versus a closed system. A closed system may provide some competitive advantage, but an open system is more flexible and adaptable as solutions come on the market.

Transform the business. The business will change on many levels as IoT approaches raise the level of awareness and connectness with customers. There may be less of a need for service partners and intermediaries, for example. When a device phones home, it will talk right to the original manufacturer. There’s a notable opportunity to reconstruct a company’s business model as well, to be more focused on the customer experience, Porter and Heppelmann state. And, in the end, that’s what really matters.

(Thumbnail photo: Joe McKendrick.)

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Oct 21

Relying on Word of Mouth? Boost Your Visibility with a Modern Online Marketing …

Relying on Word of Mouth? Boost Your Visibility with a Modern Online Marketing Campaign

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Today it’s a given that the Internet has become an essential tool for businesses the world over. Once the domain of larger and/or more technologically savvy businesses, today even much smaller firms have embraced Internet marketing as an effective method for reaching a wider audience, andpenetrating deeper into local markets. Due to the rapid expansion, and utilization of the web as a means for delivering content and increasing exposure, businesses and organizations that don’t deploy online marketing suffer an inherent disadvantage in a competitive market. As an experienced leader in online marketing, Cyberset Corp. has the resources and the expert knowledge to help companies on any scale, even smaller organizations, gain the edge with effective internet marketing campaigns.

At a time when many in the industrialized world are beginning to view Internet access more as a public utility than a luxury, an appropriate web presence has never been more important. Most established companies are well aware of this, and use websites to bring their message or their product directly to their market audience. Even modest establishments benefit from online exposure as, truly, there is no longer an organization too small or too old-fashioned for a website. It may be tempting for some small business owners in less technological niches to believe that a website is unnecessary, particularly if their customer base is primarily derived from local foot traffic. However, due to the ubiquity of the smartphone, one of the first things a potential customer does when interested in a product or service is to look it up online from wherever they happen to be. When this is the case, few things leave more of a negative impression than no impression at all.

While developing a site, no matter what the scale of the business, any organization must roll out professional, appealing, and functional designs that appeal to users. For the best results, businesses will seek the service of an experienced website marketing company like Cyberset Corp. to design and build the ideal site that best serves their clients’ purposes. Cyberset’s expert team of webmasters, writers, artists, and engineers individually craft a website based on the client’s unique preferences and sensibilities. The end result is a visually striking, easily navigated online presence with highly tuned and high quality SEO content that maximizes web traffic.

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Oct 20

The content marketing trends your business should be implementing

JT Ripton is a business consultant and freelance writer.

Through proper content marketing, businesses can build their brand, raise awareness, and engender trust. This type of marketing positions businesses as credible and reliable information sources. Sharing and promoting content related to your particular industry attracts people to your social media and digital platforms as well as your product lines.

With so many potential benefits from content marketing, here’s a look at the trends that your business should consider implementing:

“Director of Content” is the new highly recruited marketing title

The person in this critical role helps coordinate sales and marketing activities to ensure both departments are working toward the same goals. In addition, this leader provides a vision and helps the business incorporate the best content marketing strategies, including webinars, videos and guest blog posts.

By shaping strategies and overseeing execution, the content director ensures messaging remains focused and on brand. Whoever holds this role needs to have a well-rounded approach to creating, managing and distributing content across multiple platforms to reach as many people in the company’s target audience as possible.

Mobile optimization is crucial

mobile optimize sites 520x320 The content marketing trends your business should be implementing

A 2014 report from the Pew Research Center Internet Project reveals 90 perent of Americans over the age of 18 have cellphones and nearly 60 percent have smartphones. Approximately half of all adults in the United States own a tablet.

With such impressive penetration, it’s not surprising that a separate report from financial giant Morgan Stanley predicts mobile Web usage will exceed laptop Web browsing by 2015. As smartphones are becoming cheaper, the study results illustrate the absolute necessity of content marketing on mobile devices.

Whether you’re creating email newsletters, white papers, or podcasts, optimize the content for mobile devices. Failing to take this step means you might not reach a large part of your target audience.

Videos need to play properly on smartphones and tablets. Webinars need to enable people to join on the go. Thinking about mobile now ensures your company won’t fall behind the curve in the coming months.

The evolution of the guest video post

Many companies are hip to the opportunities that come from having one of their leaders write guest blog posts and bylined articles for industry publications. Imagine, however, the bang you could get from doing a guest video post.

video 730x276 The content marketing trends your business should be implementing

Guest bloggers can easily create engaging, high-quality videos that will inform and educate on a variety of essential topics. Videos allow guests to show, not just tell, so the company will receive a more compelling piece from their guests.

With studies reporting videos as the new way to reach a mass audience, the evolution of guest videos is upon us.

Engaging industry influencers

Don’t think that you have to create all content in-house. Work with industry influencers who have respected voices, and ask them to develop content your company can distribute.

For example, you might ask a well-known consultant to write a review of your newest product. While you won’t have the kind of control over the content you’d have if you used someone inside your company, you do gain greater credibility and trust through working with a professional outside your firm.

Another possibility is having someone in your marketing communications department do an audio or video interview with the influencer. Edit and package the content for distribution on social media and your company’s website. Then, ask the influencer to share with his or her followers.

Develop a one-stop shop

Some companies enjoy success by developing a one-stop online resource where visitors can educate themselves on issues and topics relevant to your industry.

One approach is to use a university model in which you offer online courses, instructional modules, and self-test tools. Content packaged to teach your customers things they want to learn is highly effective at drawing in visitors and getting them to engage with your site.

checklist 520x346 The content marketing trends your business should be implementingCreate a check-list to ensure you’re contributing the most helpful information for your viewers. Does your site have extremely high-quality content? Does your company practice data curating to get the most up-to-date, comprehensive information available? It may be time to start!

Try custom-content feeds that give viewers access to a variety of content like social media RSS. Another option is to recruit influencers to contribute to your site. Have a leader in the field post a blog, or take the time to interview one of the most successful people in the field and post the video online.

Utilize Google+ and SlideShare

Move over, Facebook! New social media sites are pushing the envelope for B2B content marketers. With new technologies from Google bursting at the seams every year, there is no doubt that Google+ is innovating a whole new network of social sharing.

Many people are taking up Google+ to disseminate content marketing information for their companies. Professionals are connecting with their work, while also sharing personal articles and photos with family and friends.

SlideShare will also be a key contributor in content sharing. With the ability to create presentations and share them easily with groups, this trend has B2B marketers working hard to create vivid and engaging content.

With all of these new trends, it’s easy to say that content marketing is growing rapidly. The industry is experiencing new advancements every year, which is sure to provide more insight on what is producing ROI for all companies utilizing it.

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Oct 19

Humor Turns E-Mail Viral

A study by Sharpe Partners, an interactive marketing agency, revealed that 89% of adult Internet users in America share content with others via e-mail. This is excellent news for those companies who use self-propelling word-of-mouse” e-mail techniques to sell their products.

The study generated some interesting results regarding the type of content that is most often forwarded, as well. The most popular content is humorous material.

The second most popular category is news, followed by healthcare and medical information, religious and spiritual material, games, business and personal finance information and sports/hobbies… in that order. So it is easy to see that humor is the best content for your viral e-mail campaign.

Cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are among the things that can be added to an e-mail to insure that it will go viral. People will want to pass along something that makes them laugh.

They are a lot more likely to hit the forward button and send your email to their friends and relatives if it is an “advertainment” rather than an advertisement.

Not along ago, about 35 million people got an e-mail containing a picture taken in Disneyland. It took a minute to see it but there was Donald Duck lying prone in front of the famous Cinderella Castle. The title of the picture was “Bird Flu has hit Disneyland”. It was a viral e-mail advertising Disneyland and used the edgy strategy of making light of what’s serious… and it works.

I’d guess that most people who own a computer have seen that picture… and thus the advertisement for Disneyland. The bird flu epidemic is newsworthy and has the potential to attract an enormous amount of attention to any brand that might, for whatever reason, associate itself with it.

Remember that people are much more likely to share a joke or a funny picture than anything else so you would be well advised to include humor in your e-mail campaign.

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Oct 18

10 Reasons Perry Belcher Dominates Digital Marketing

Internet marketing is an extremely vast, complex, ever changing subject, and seems like a constant moving target for many businesses and professional marketers trying to succeed online. Smart beginners may ask some form of the question:

“What key skills or strategies make someone successful or effective at online marketing?”

Anyone vaguely familiar with online marketing knows this is a very broad question, and the answer would have to be a general mindset-related coaching response, which would hopefully guide the person asking the question towards establishing the right attitude or approach to such an ocean of opportunity. Sometimes the best way to succeed with a professional career, new marketing medium, or business venture is to reference examples of success. Why?

“Success leaves clues” – Tony Robbins

The practice of using proven examples of success for inspiration and strategy applies to all aspects of business and professional development, especially digital marketing. There are many seasoned digital marketers that you might follow and study for such examples, such as Perry Marshall, Andy Jenkins, Ezra Firestone, Ryan Deiss, and several others with noteworthy accomplishments. These gurus have a wide range of specialization including media buying, physical product commerce, email marketing, funnel systems, and social media marketing, but there is one marketer with such an array of expertise that he is impossible not to mention.

Who is Perry Belcher?

Perry Belcher is an SEO expert, business marketing consultant, investor, importer, copywriter, Internet entrepreneur and Co Owner of Digital Marketer. It’s true, a lot of people might have similar labels. However, Perry is the guy who does all that and profits over $1MM from an ebook called “How To Start a Hot Dog Business” and has no problem spending 5x what competitors spend to acquire a customer. Perry specializes in all aspects of online marketing, all platforms available as a medium for creating offers and promotional messaging, and consistently has the most robust customer acquisition and follow up systems around. In fact, most of the other IM gurus use his strategies to enhance their businesses.

Perry has countless examples of successful online businesses, which he casually refers to as his “portfolio companies” – too many to list. A few recently launched virtual businesses worth mentioning are DIYReady.com, SurvivalLife.com, and MakeUpTutorials.com.

Belcher brings decades of startup company and investing experience, and an approach to Internet marketing that the experts can learn from. The following are ten vital factors in Perry Belcher’s mega-success with digital marketing.

Market Research

Being first-to-market is one of Belcher’s keystone’s to success. With disciplined application of known and proprietary research tools, he gathers and compiles information about market growth and trends, and formulates data-driven action plans for entering new markets with offers and products that did not formerly exist. This rapid execution strategy has allowed Perry to accomplish the seemingly impossible in markets where many thought money wasn’t available.

Idea Incubation

Before launching any business, product, or website, Perry Belcher refers to his “Brain Trust” which is his staffed team of expert marketers and business developers, which facilities the research and development of possible new ventures. Having such a dedicated set of brilliant minds available for brainstorming and research significantly speeds up the process of conceptualizing, proving, or disproving potential profit opportunities, which allows him to make faster decisions on business plans and investments.

Enterprise Mindset

Perry is one of the most disciplined online marketers when it comes to avoiding “flash in the pan” options for online marketing, and focusses on building real businesses that can either run independently by managing partners or be sold later for millions. Having this mentality encourages better decisions around forming corporations with longevity in mind, and ensures healthier logistics and value-based thinking around growth and planning.


Every market has a variety of potential offers and profit opportunities, but rarely does any market fit a one particular product mold. Many digital marketers fail to diversify, not only in market selection, but in offer type strategy. Belcher has mastered the 4 major types of products that can be sold online, information, physical goods, business services, and affiliate offers, which allows him to not only diversify his market selection, but the revenue agendas withing each business he creates.

New Media Platforms

Perry has a twisted passion for tackling every single new marketing medium and digital platform that becomes available. Whether it’s Facebook advertising, YouTube, Pinterest, or even environments like Twitter and Reddit that you wouldn’t expect to be able to gleam profits from, Belcher quickly adopts it and invariably wrestles it into a systemized, turn-key method for sharing valuable content and reliably generating visibility to his businesses.


Because online marketing is essentially virtual communication, largely in the form of text advertising and various forms of media messaging, Perry’s knowledge of buyer psychology and masterful copywriting skills have given him an edge in figuring out how to formulate the right messaging for any given product and market. That coupled with the ability to put it in front of the right people, at the right time, in the right sequence, has made him very successful.

Tracking Testing

Any good marketer knows that they must track and test the results of every piece of marketing collateral to understand precisely how effective it is, and consistently introduce revised, expanded, more optimized versions of the same or similar messaging to increase conversion. Belcher is one of the most aggressive testers and conversion rate optimizers in the world of digital media, and never settles for mediocrity. According to Perry, no sales page or ad copy is ever complete – there’s always something more to test.

Follow Up Funnels

Repeat buyers are Belcher’s focus from the start, regardless of the industry or market. The follow up machines, and repeat customer systems Perry puts in place are extremely sophisticated and custom tailored for every offer. In fact, he will often choose to lose money on the acquisition of a new customer with a very small purchase on the front end, simply to “gain the customer” with an unbeatable offer. Once he has them in his funnel, he has a customer for life because there’s always an extremely valuable, perpetual offer system in place. But avoid confusion, the follow up systems are typically loaded front to back with tons of value for the customer, so its not just consistently swift persuasion to buy the next thing. Every product is value-based and the result is customers always being overjoyed to invest again.


Building a community of trusting buyers is largely how Perry becomes so profitable in his businesses. Focusing on his concept of “Customer Value Optimization” he is able to consistently deliver value to every member of his buyer communities over time, creating long term relationships with purchase-ready people that can’t resist investing in his next product or promotion. It’s worth mentioning again that this is only possible when you are delivering real value.

Giving Back

Possibly one of the oldest, but purest, most vetted business building techniques there are – giving back. Perry Belcher is a great example of how the gift of time, knowledge, strategy, and information can benefit you greatly in business. Perry hosts regular mastermind groups, seminars, webinars, and conference sessions where he unleashes everything he knows about a given topic or business opportunity. As a speaker and author, Perry is one of the most giving educators there are in the online marketing category. He doesn’t care if the suggestions are out of scope or beyond the topic at hand, and always does a marvelous job sharing more than enough experience and wisdom about business and marketing that may possibly help the listener or attendee. Whether its a spot on a webinar, a seat in a seminar, or a lucky ticket to a coffee date, if Perry is talking the listener is profiting.

In summary, success in digital marketing isn’t always about the platform, the offer, the one strategy, or the market. More often than not, a person’s success in Internet marketing has everything to do with mindset, resourcefulness, consistency, and a strong sense for innovation and trying new things. The trick is learning from each initiative, carrying forward what worked, and leaving behind what did not.

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Oct 17

Internet Marketing Strategies For Companies: The Best Way For Your Products …

Web Marketing
(Photo : from:www.flickr.com)

Boosting Up Internet Marketing

Internet being accessible to almost anyone means being able to market to almost anyone also!  And with fast the paced life adopted by majority of us today, most people resort to the internet to save them from the hassle of going to malls and supermarket and to specialty shops to meet their needs. 

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The best way for your product to top the list in the web is to outwit everybody else.  Here’s how.

Giving the best offer.  By knowing who your competitors are, then you can suite your offer well.  What most internet products endorsers and advertisers fail to take note is the competitive edge of other products. They have this idea that getting the right keywords settles all the difference in the internet, but they are wrong!  Product presentation, internet packaging, providing fresh and more innovative internet products are just few of the highlights in marketing. Just like any other business, giving what the customers are looking for and making sure you have something new, and this is possible only when you, like a soldier at war is equipped with the right weapons and enemy overview. 

Know the market.  Equally important in interment marketing is a clear view of who your potential clients are.  It is advisable to start of a thread of blogs and discussions in order to get the right pulse.  Usually these blogs and forums provide marketers with valuable insights as to the weakness and strength of a certain product.  Moreover, this is the perfect niche where business ventures can get the right grasp of what most internet users are looking for and how they want their needs to be.  For those who intend to get serious with knowing the market, a very important tool to consider is to start polls in exchange for a few bucks.  In this way, a more assured and reliable response is expected from the potential clients and at the same time.  More importantly, aside from the fact that this is cheaper than hiring professional survey companies, resorting to polls and other online voting schemes can help you manipulate variables in order to exactly fit the standards and data you want to get.  

Compromising between product and quality.  Just like every guru in advertising says, quality should top a marketer’s priority.  What is very rampant nowadays is giving false claims in advertising and providing clients with the exact opposite of what was advertised.  Remember that in as much as internet provides an easier avenue to market due to its accessibility, internet is also a very powerful tool to spread bad publicity directed both to potential and current clients as well.  If one is not careful enough, and goes beyond adhering to quality products or substandard product at unreasonable bargains, then expect the worst when those unsatisfied customers start flooding threads with negative feedbacks.  Often, spending a couple of dollars more to assure quality is far affordable than the painstaking start-over of creating a new internet product, when the last one you thought of was cast down by negative publicity.   



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